About Us

One of UAE’s leading food importers and wholesalers, Al Rutba Trading co LLC Store specializes in the importation and delivery of fresh foods from all over the world. The business expanded its product line by importing several goods from different parts of the world, including dry, frozen, and other packaged and processed food items. Our location the UAE gives us a competitive advantage because it allows us to promptly distribute our imported goods to customers.

We also supply a large number of stores, hotels, restaurants, shipchandlers, and cold storage units as UAE’s leading suppliers. Because of the strategic placement of our warehouses across the country, we are able to provide our consumers with the freshest food. This has made a significant contribution to our company’s amazing success.


We have been in the sector for a while, and because of the changing nature of the global market environment, we have adapted to the changes that will be necessary for the industry’s future.


Our mission is the year-round availability of a wide variety of foods, both perishable and non-perishable, at the highest standards and most affordable costs. To make sure that clients receive their orders within the allotted time.

Thanks to our team of dedicated specialists and years of expertise, we have developed an intuition for the needs of our clients, and we deliver high-quality goods on time. All foodstuff trade relations are welcome, and we constantly strive to provide our customers with the freshest produce we can. We have a knowledgeable team of experts who are aware of their limitations and take all necessary precautions to regulate temperature along the supply chain in order to keep perishable food items suitably preserved until they are delivered to our clients. Thanks to our customer-centered business procedures, which encourage us to provide fresh and high-quality items on time and at the appropriate temperature, the people in the UAE may completely enjoy exotic fruits, vegetables, and other produce.