Many fruits are accessible throughout the year at comparable costs thanks to our efforts. This represents a significant factor in the booming UAE fruit import industry. Depending on the climate and the conditions we bring in an assortment of fruits from across the globe. We are able to select the highest caliber fruits from all around the world because we have to deal with suppliers from such a wide range of demographics.


People from many ethnic and regional backgrounds reside in UAE, one of the largest developing economies. As a result, we guarantee the procurement of the many indigenous crops and food items that this broad clientele requests. Additionally, it offers our guests an opportunity to sample genuine cuisine from many regions of the world.


In addition to importing fresh products, we constantly acquire a variety of packaged parched and refrigerated food products, and dry ingredients. Frozen foods include chicken, tuna, ghee, tea, flour, and a variety of lentil varieties. Frozen foods also include Indian cottage cheese and flour.


We offer a wide range of seafood products to suit every taste and dietary need. We source our seafood from the best suppliers and ensure that our products are of the highest quality. Whether you are a seafood lover or just looking to add some variety to your diet, we have something for everyone.


We take great pride in offering our customers highest quality products that are always fresh and of good quality. We offer a wide variety of fresh, frozen, and chilled meats.   To ensure that you receive the freshest cuts available, we source the best quality fresh meat. And we also provide a variety of frozen meats and chilled meats for those who require it.